Robinson Enock (1843-1909).

  1. Robinson Enock - 1870s
  2. Robinson Enock - 1880s
  3. Left to right: Robinson Enock, Edwin Enock (brother), ?, Emily Enock (Edwin's wife), Roy Enock (Edwin's son)
  4. Left to right: (back) Fred Enock (brother), Henry Dell (brother-in-law), Robinson Enock, Emily Enock (Edwin's wife), Edwin Enock (middle) Jennie Enock (Fred's wife), Eleanor Enock (Robinson's wife), Roy Enock (Edwin and Emily's son) (front) Amy Dell (Henry Dell's daughter), Jane Enock (Robinson's nephew, Guy Enock's wife) c1897
  5. Robinson and Eleanor Enock's grave

Full name: Robinson Enock.
Known as: Bob.

Date of birth: Sunday, 9th April, 1843.[3]
Birthplace: Manchester, Lancashire, England.[3]
Date of death: Sunday, 2nd May, 1909 (aged 66 years).[4]
Cause of death: Cancer of the kidney, exhaustion.[4]
Place of death:
Rosedale, Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham, England.[4]
Buried/cremated: Buried in Yardley Cemetery, grave no 8898, section 23, second row, nine from top (walking from island).[5]

Father: Robert Enock (1811-1855).

Elizabeth Enock (nee Doeg) (1810-1867). View Doeg family history site here here.


Charles Robert Enock (1837-1900)

Arthur Henry Enock (1839-1917)

Amy Jane Dell (nee Enock) (1841-1885)

Frederick Enock (1845-1916)

Emma Enock (1847-1868)

Edwin Enock (1849-1924)

Sophia Elizabeth Derrington (nee Enock) (1853-1933)

Wife: Eleanor "Nellie" Amelia Enock (nee Wilson) (1858-1932).

Nellie pictured in the 1900's? (click to enlarge).[1]

Date of marriage: Saturday, 26th November, 1892.[7]
Place of marriage: Register Office, Solihull, Birmingham (Edwin George Derrington was in attendance).

Robinson and Nellie's marriage announcement in the Birmingham Daily Post - 1st December, 1892 (click to enlarge).[8]


Amy Clara Elizabeth Enock (1893-1975?)

Robert Doeg Enock (1895-1967)

Gertrude Margaret Enock (1899-1982).

1843-c1846 - 59, Stock Street, Cheetham, Manchester, England.[3]

Robinson's birth certificate states that the family were living on Stock Street in the sub-district of Market Street. According to Fred's birth entry in the 'Manchester, England, Non-Conformist Births and Baptisms, 1758-1912', the family lived at number 59.

Most of the houses on Stocks Street were demolished in the 1950's. The area is now an industrial estate.

1851-c1854 - Stratford Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, England.[10]

According to the 1851 census, the Enocks were seven entries away from the Angel Inn Hotel. By tying this information in with the 1889 OS town plan of Birmingham, the Enocks would have lived next-door to Ladypool School. The house was demolished to make way for St. Agatha's Church around 1898. 

Occupants (1851 census): Robert Enock, Elizabeth Enock, Charles Robert Enock, Arthur Henry Enock, Amy Jane Enock, Robinson Enock, Frederick Enock, Emma Enock, Edwin Enock

Servants (1851 census): Ann Deakins and Ann Grainger.

1861-c1884 -  Balsall Heath Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, England.[10]

In the 1861 census, the enumerator lists all the dwellings on the northerly side of Balsall Heath Road between Mount Pleasant and Longbridge Road. The Enock entry is twenty-eight entries from Longmore Road, and nineteen from Mount Pleasant. Using this information against the 1889 OS map of Warwickshire, the Enocks appear to be somewhere in the middle; possibly Denmark Place.

The area is now barely recognisable. Denmark Place was demolished sometime between 1938-1952, and was replaced by council flats in the 1970's.

Annual rent: 1874: 20 10s. (9k in 2016), or 1. 5s. 7d. a month (750 in 2016).[24]

Occupants (1861 census): Elizabeth Enock, Charles Robert Enock, Arthur Henry Enock, Amy Jane Enock, Robinson Enock, Frederick Enock, Emma Enock, Sophia Elizabeth Enock

Occupants (1871 census): Robinson Enock,  Edwin Enock, Sophia Elizabeth Enock

1889 OS map of Warwickshire.[9]

1879 Westwood House, Avenue Road (The Avenue), Acocks Green, Birmingham, England.[10]

Robinson and his sister, Sophia, were lodging with the Maddocks family. 

c1884-c1893 - Brooklyn Villa (now number 29), The Avenue, Acocks Green, Birmingham.[10]  

Occupants (1891 census): Robinson Enock, Eleanor Amelia Wilson.

Brooklyn Villa (house with the red door) pictured in August 2014 (click to enlarge).[11]

1893-1909 - Rosedale, Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham, England.[10+4]

'Sherbourne was at one time one of the most exclusive roads in Acocks Green.' [12]

Annual rent: 1906: 27 (9k in 2016), or 2. 10s. 2d. a month (750 in 2016). [24]

Occupants (1901 census): Robinson Enock, Eleanor Amelia Enock, Amy Clara Elizabeth Enock, Robert Doeg Enock, Gertrude Margaret Enock, Laura Hopwood Enock (sister-in-law), Maud Muriel Enock (niece).

Servants (1901 census): Nellie Birch.

Rosedale was demolished and replaced by flats in the 1960's.

Sherbourne Road pictured in the early 1900's. Rosedale was the house behind the white building on the right.[12]

Sherbourne Road pictured in the early 1900's. Rosedale was the building on the right.[12]

Aerial view of Acocks Green c1950. Rosedale has been highlighted red.[22]

Sherbourne Road, pictured in August 2014. Rosedale was replaced by flats in the 1960's (click to enlarge).[11]

Rosedale was replaced by flats in the 1960's (click to enlarge).[11]

Monday, 1st May, 1854 - Friday, 30th April, 1858 -  Ackworth School, Pontefract Road, Ackworth, Pontefract, England. Click here to read an insight of the school.[13]

Admission: Graduated scale of payment. Minimum charge 12 per annum [eqv. 8,000 in 2016], but parents who could manage to pay more were asked to contribute 15 [eqv. 10,000 in 2016] or 21 [eqv. 14,000 in 2016], according to their means.[14]

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Admit number: 7497.
Agent: William Southall.
Relatives in attendance: Frederick Enock (brother), Emma Enock (sister) and Edwin Enock (brother).[13]

'Those who were at school with Robinson Enock will remember him as one of those most active and energetic in all games, Smugglers, Prisoners' Base, "Relieve Oh", and in the last named few could stand against, "Chargers" (his nickname) charging to relieve prisoners. Others will remember him as the happy Lodge-keeper [see below], ever on the alert to rush out into the village at the cry of "Kite's gone, Kite's gone!" and many a sharp tussle he had when the "villaggers" had "slung" a kite. Like most of his school-mates, he was not particularly brilliant in any one branch of study, with one exception, viz., that he was "rare cop" at mental calculation, a faculty which he soon turned to account on entering the service of the Birmingham Railway Co. in 1859'  - Ackworth memorial notice.[13]

Lodge Keeper.

'The most coveted office of all came to be that of "lodge keeper", not for the rewards it brought but the privileges in earned. This was a permanent post; the two lodge-keepers shared the responsibility for ringing the school bell, lighting the fires in the office and the lodge, and running errands for the Superintendent, either on the school premises or further a field, even as far as Pontefract.' - Ackworth School - Elfrida Vipont.[14]

Life at Ackworth.[14]

Between the ages of eleven and fifteen, Robinson was away from family life for eleven-months of the year, only returning home during the one-month annual summer holiday.

Robinson, Fred, Emma and Edwin, would have only seen one another at meeting for worship or other public occasions. To spend time together, the siblings would have congregated on a path running midway between the two wings known as "The Flags".

Scholars studied during the day, and undertook some manual work out-of-hours.

The curriculum between 1854-1858 consisted of:

  • Religious study (a chapter from the bible was read before breakfast). 
  • English language. 
  • Reading. Writing. 
  • Spelling. 
  • English Grammar (in upper classes). 
  • English History.
  • Mathematics (mainly arithmetic, older boys studied land surveying, Trigonometry, Mensuration and a little elementary Algebra).
  • Geography (map instruction and the drilling of the rudiments of geography).
  • Latin (taught to twenty of the most advanced scholars).
  • French (two highest classes - ninth and tenth).
  • Art (introduced in 1856 - drawing was taught by a visiting Art Master).

Manual work included: 

  • Dining Room Waiter
  • Washers 
  • Tailor's Waiter
  • Shoemaker's Waiter
  • Shed Sweepers
  • Garden Sweepers
  • Shoe Cleaning
  • Knife Cleaners
  • Bath Cleaning
  • Bread Carriers 
  • Washing Mill Boy 
  • Churners 
  • Door Keepers 
  • Sheet Carriers
  • Morning Waiter 
  • Bed Rollers 
  • Manglers
  • Hair Teazers
  • Stocking Menders
  • Garden Labouring
  • Hay-making
  • Carpenter assisting

A letter from Robinson to his mother - 1856

Staff at Ackworth School during Robinson's schooling:[15]

Superintendent: Thomas Pumphrey.
Masters: Thomas Brown, John Newby (Master of Grammar and Latin), Henry Thompson, William Pollard, Henry Sparkes (Master of Drawing), John Frederick Harris, John William Watson, William Tallack, Francis William Wood, George Frederick Linney, Thomas Frederick Ball.
Master on Duty (outdoor inspection of boys during play-hours): Henry Wilson, Thomas Puplett. 
Visiting Reading Master:
Thomas King Greenbank (three-weeks in 1856).
Visiting Drawing Master: John C. Swallow, John White, Charles Ryan.
Sarah Maddocks.
Boys' Matron: Sophia Gregory.
Nurse: Mary Williamson.
Principal Tailor: George Frederick Linney.
Principal Shoemaker: Isaac Levitt.
Baker: John Walker.
Husbandman (Farmer): William Cammage.
Principal Gardener: James Jones.

Relatives who also attended Ackworth:[16]

Robert Enock (father).
Elizabeth Enock (nee Doeg) (mother).
Robert Enock (grand-father).
Arthur Peters Enock
Joseph Enock (grand-uncle).
Mary Robinson Enock (auntie).
Arthur Gregory Enock (uncle).
Caroline Wheeler (nee Enock) (auntie).
Sophia Kenway (nee Enock) (auntie).
James Lewis Enock (1st cousin, 1x removed).
Sarah Enock (aunt).
William Doeg (uncle) - Scholar: 1814-1816, Apprentice: 1816-1823, Master: 1823-1827. 
David Doeg (uncle).
Robert Doeg (uncle) - Scholar: 1818-1821, Apprentice: 1821-1828, Master: 1828-1841.
Henry Doeg (uncle).
Priscilla Doeg (auntie).
Jane Doeg (auntie). 
Thomas Gilkes (2nd cousin, 1x removed).
William Gilkes (2nd cousin, 1x removed).
Sarah Gilkes (2nd cousin, 1x removed).
Martha Gilkes (2nd cousin, 1x removed).
Richard Gilkes (2nd cousin, 1x removed).

Additional information on Ackworth School can be found here.

1861 census - Tube Manu Clerk.
1871 census - Commercial Clerk.
1871 census -
Commercial Clerk.
1881 census - Commercial Clerk.
1891 census -
Iron Tube Manufacturer's Clerk.
1892 marriage certificate - Book Keeper.
1901 census -
Manufacturer's Iron Tube Clerk.
1892 marriage certificate - Book Keeper.
Amy Clara Elizabeth Enock's birth certificate - Book Keeper.
Robert Doeg Enock's Birth certificate - Commercial Clerk.
Death certificate - Gas Tube Manufacturers Clerk.
Robert Doeg Enock's marriage certificate - Accountant.

1859-c1860 - Birmingham Railway Co. (clerk) - Ackworth memorial notice.[13]

c1860-c1909 - Lloyd and Lloyd, Albion Tube Works, Nile Street, Birmingham, England (clerk).

Lloyd and Lloyd was in its infancy when Robinson arrived c1860. He was based at the Albion Tube Works on Nile Street, Birmingham, (bottom left factory in the picture) where they produced lap-welded iron tubes, and homogenous metal tubes amongst other products. Robinson was employed as a clerk; working early until late seeing the business, and premises enlarged by leaps and bounds.[13]

Advertisement from January 1866.


View Larger Map

Oozells Street Loop looking towards Sherborne Street. On the right is the Albion Tube Works, Nile Street, then part of the Stewarts & Lloyds group. Coal boats are also lined up alongside the Tube Works Wharf. Lap-welded iron tubes were manufactured here for boilers and the gas and water industry. In addition to coal, metal strip would have been brought here by boat to be made into tubes. (Birmingham Reference Library).[18]

In the late 1870's/early 1880's, Robinson's hearing became impaired. The problem gradually grew worse eventually leading to total deafness. Due to the disability, Robinson had to give up much sociability; however, he continued to carry on, and organise plans for Lloyd and Lloyd.[19]

Deafness appears to be a common trait in the family; Sophia Derrington (Robinson's sister), Madge (Robinson's daughter) and Ernie Wildridge (Robinson's grandson) all experienced hearing issues.

'Robinson, spent much of leisure time in loving attendance on his flower garden, each year sowing and planting the favourites of his beloved mother.' - Ackworth memorial notice.[13]

It seems as though Robinson had an interest in writing. Click on the image below to read a short story written by him in July, 1879.[20]

Robinson Enock.[6]

Gross value of estate: 829 3s. 6d (worth 82k in 2017). 
Net value of Personal Estate: 786 13s. 3d. (worth 78k in 2017).
Executors: Eleanor Amelia Enock (wife) and Edwin George Derrington (brother-in-law).

"I give and bequeath unto my wife Eleanor Amelia Enock, all my property and money of whatsoever description, that I may die possessed of, to her absolutely." - Robinson Enock.

Witnesses: Maud Muriel Enock, Emily Yapp Powell.

Eleanor Enock.[22]

14th July 1933.

Gross value of estate: 807 12s. 11d. (worth 54.5k in 2017). 
Net value of Personal estate: 790 3s. 4d. (worth 53.3k in 2017). 
Robert Doeg Enock (34 Dudley Park Road, Acocks Green) and Max William Jacobi (12 Dudley Park Road, Acocks Green).

Max Jacobi.[23]

'I give and bequeath to my eldest daughter Amy Clara Elizabeth Enock my piano in rosewood case by "Mercur"Berlin". I give to my youngest daughter Gertrude Margaret Enock the whole of the contents of 45 Homecroft Road Yardley with the exception of the piano mentioned above. The residue of my estate if any after the foregoing bequests have been satisfied I give and bequeath in the following manner: to my grandchildren Muriel Joyce Enock and Clive Robin Enock the sun of 50 each, any residue then remaining to be divided equally between my daughters Amy Clara Elizabeth Enock and Gertrude Margaret Enock share and share alike.'

Witnesses: Agnes Anne Blizard (Manuel Cottage, Stow-on-the-Wold) and Florence Briggs (Tufa Mount, Willard Road, Yardley, Birmingham.

6th August 1932.

'I wish to revoke the legacies in the foregoing Will to my grandchildren Muriel Joyce Enock and Clive Robin Enock and for the sum previously
bequeathed to them totalling 100 to go into the residue of my estate and to be dealth with accordingly.'

Witnesses: Edwin George Derrington (brother-in-law) and Florence Briggs, both of Tufa Mount, Yardley). 

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