Muriel Joyce Enock (1927-)

Muriel pictured during the 1940s/1950s.

Full name: Muriel Joyce Enock.

Date of birth: 1927.

Birthplace: Acocks Green, Birmingham, England.

Father: Robert Doeg Enock (1895-1967).

Mother: Lilian Alma Enock(nee Bloxham) (1898-1981).


Clive Robin Enock (1930-).

Hazel Mary Enock (1932-1998).

John Maxwell Enock (1938-).

Partner: Harry Smith.


Neil Gordon Enock (1957-)

Martin Enock (1959-).

1927-1935 - 34 (now 54), Dudley Park Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham, England. (Information on how I pinpointed this residence can be found here) - built between 1921-1924.

Number 34 is second house from the left. Picture taken 1st May 2016 (click to enlarge).

Dudley Park Road viewed from Warwick Road c1930. Number 34 is the third house up on the left (click to enlarge).

Aerial view of Dudley Park Road c1950. Warwick Road runs along the bottom of the image. Number 34 is the fourth on the left going up Dudley Park Road (click to enlarge).

1935-1939 - 74 Heaton Road, Solihull, Birmingham, England. Built between 1921 and 1936.

Number 74 as it appears now.

1939 - 17, Ridgway Road, Barton Seagrave, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England.

Lodging with Hayden and Kathleen Lock.

1940-1956 - 21, Ridgway Road, Barton Seagrave, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. Built c1939.

Number 21 photographed in November 2015 (click to enlarge).

1956- Canada - left Southampton port on 2nd October 1956 onboard 'Columbia'.

1988 - 1586, San Juan Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

1995-1997 - 102-1230 Verdier, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada.

1998-2017 - 7840, Lochside Drive, 319 Saanichton, British Columbia, Canada.

1935-1936 - Eastbourne House School (now named Kimichi School), Yardley Road, Acocks Green, England.

Fees per quarter: 3 3s. (worth the equivalent of 215 in 2018).

1936-1938 - Ruckleigh School, Lode Lane, Solihull, England.

Fees per quarter: 5 15s. 6d. (worth the equivalent of 400 in 2018).

1938-1939 - Solihull School for Girls (Malvern Hall) (now St. Martin's School), Brueton Avenue, Solihull, England.

Fees per quarter: 4 2s. (worth the equivalent of 250 in 2018).

1939-c1941 - Kettering High School, Kettering, England.

Leicester College of Technology (De Montfort).

1945-1956 - The Peck Brothers (P.X. Transport), Washbrook Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, England.

1981-1988 - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

1981 - Assistant Director.
1981-1982 - Tape Recorder.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's website contains a recording from this period of Muriel interviewing Dr. Joseph A. Pearce. Click here to listen.

1982-1987 - Editor.
1985 - First Vice-President.
1986-1987 - President.
1988 - National Council Representative.

1986 - Dominion Astrophysical Observatory of the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics and National Research Council of Canada, Observatory Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Public Information Officer.