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Eric Cuthbert Enock (1872-1952).

Date of birth: Sunday, 7th April, 1872.
Birthplace: Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.
Date of death: Sunday, 30th November, 1952.
Place of death:
Wood Green, London, England (aged 80 years).


Gross value: 11,725. 0s. 5d. (around 295k in 2016).
Nett value: 11,668. 1s. 5d. (around 294k in 2016).
Estate duty: 700. 19s. 6d.
Executors: Ronald (son) and Leonard Lambe (son-in-law).

'To my daughter-in-law, Ida Enock, in recognition of her great kindness to me the sum of fifty pounds. To the said Leonard William Lambe in recognition of his kind help in various business matters the sum of fifty pounds. To my domestic help Ellen Curtis in recognition of faithful service the sum of twenty five pounds.'

'I give all the rest residue and remainder of my estate and effects to my three children in equal shares or the whole to the survivor or survivors of them provided nevertheless that if any child of mine shall die in my lifetime leaving a child or child him or her surviving such child or children shall take and if more than one equally between them the share which his her or their parent would have taken had he or she survived me.'


Father: Arthur Henry Enock (1839-1917).
Lavinia Georgina Enock (nee Hollis) (1841-1899).
Siblings: Arthur Frederick Enock (1865-1866), Donald Enock (1867-1927?), Charles Reginald Enock (1868-1970), Arthur Guy Enock (1870-1956), Esther Ethelind Enock (1874-1947), Dorothea Amy Enock (1877-1959), John Kemp Enock (1878-1957), Christine Lavinia Enock (1881-1957).

Wife: Carrie Goodridge (1875-1952).
Date of marriage: Tuesday, 17th April, 1900.
Place of marriage: Townstal Church (St. Clement), Church Road, Dartmouth, Devon, England

Ronald Henry Enock (1901-1968), William Eric Enock (1904-1962), Muriel Doris Lambe (nee Enock) (1910-1992).


1872-1875 - 62 Pershore Road, Moor Green, Birmingham (is this Park Place mentioned in 1884 OS?).

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1875-1880 - Middleton Villas, Middleton Hall Road, King's Norton, Birmingham (somewhere along this road).

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1880-1888 - 1 Park Place (Pershore Road?), Moor Green, Birmingham (no longer there).

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1888 - 26 Exchange Buildings in Stephenson Place, Birmingham and Hill Crest in Lickey just outside Rubery, Birmingham (work buildings?).

1891-c1893 - Coombeside, (now Pinewoods), Kingswear, Brixham, Devon, England (how did I locate this house? read here)

1894 - Albert House, New Road (now Victoria Road), Dartmouth, Devon, England (house can't be located).

1893-? - Dimora, Higher Erith Road, Torquay, Devon, England (can't locate exact house).

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1897-1899 - Kingston Lodge, Townstal, Dartmouth, Devon, England (demolished before 1936) (how did I locate this house? read here).

1901-1903 - 7 Ridge Hill, Dartmouth, Devon, England (can't locate exact house). 

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1907-1911 -  66, Palace Gates, Wood Green, London, England (can't locate exact house). 

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1920-1928 - 94, Brownlow Road, Bowes Park, Wood Green, London, England (can't locate exact house).

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1928-1952 - 14, Bourne Avenue, Wood Green, London, England (number hasn't changed since 1951).


1882-1887 - Birmingham Grammar School, Birmingham, England.
1894-1895 - Geneva, Switzerland. Engineering studies.


1887-1892 Simpson Strickland and Co, Dartmouth, Devon, England. (Apprenticeship).

1893-1894 - Draughtsman.
1894 - Shop Manager.

1895-1898 - "Enock Bros", Dartmouth, Devon, England (Partner).

Yacht and Launch builders and engineers in Dartmouth. Enock Bros built a deep sea fishing steamer for the Duke of Leeds and a 220 passenger 8" draft boat for Rusden of Falmouth.

1899 - Coombe Engine Works, Dartmouth, Devon, England. (Engineer).

1911 census - Refrigerating Engineer.

Family Relationships.

'Eric came over to see me, dad, on his motor cycle. The first time he has been to see me dad here all this time! He came because his way from Dartmouth to London lay 3 1/2 miles away from Froxfield, otherwise, I am afraid, he would not have come.'

'The Friday before last we all went to dinner at Eric's new home (New Southgate); and the dad was there and Guy later. A family gathering and very pleasant. Eric & his boys showed me large pieces of the Zeppelin framework they picked up 2 1/2 miles from where the zep fell......Eric motored me to the site and I saw the shattered oak across where it fell and the burned hillside.' 

Information and excerpts taken from Charles' diaries (held by the Imperial War Museum).


'Aunt Carrie died last Sunday in hospital having being terribly ill and weighing only 4 stone. Poor uncle Eric is very feeble. Dad went up to Southgate yesterday to attend the cremation service. Eric couldn't go. Graham was there.' - Olive Enock's letter to Joan Enock - 11th April 1952.

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