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Dorothea Amy Enock (1877-1959).

Date of birth: 1877.
Birthplace: King's Norton, Birmingham, England.
Date of death: Saturday, 25th July, 1959.
Place of death:
Belmont Hospital, Tiverton, Devon, England (aged 82 years).

Father: Arthur Henry Enock (1839-1917).
Lavinia Georgina Enock (nee Hollis) (1841-1899).
Siblings: Arthur Frederick Enock (1865-1866), Donald Enock (1867-1927?), Charles Reginald Enock (1868-1970), Arthur Guy Enock (1870-1956), Eric Cuthbert Enock (1872-1952), Esther Ethelind Enock (1874-1947), John Kemp Enock (1878-1957), Christine Lavinia Enock (1881-1957).


1880-1888 - 1 Park Place off the Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham.

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1888 - 26 Exchange Buildings in Stephenson Place, Birmingham and Hill Crest in Lickey just outside Rubery, Birmingham.

1891-c1893 - Coombeside, (now Pinewoods), Kingswear, Brixham, Devon, England (how did I locate this house? read here).

1893-? - Dimora, Higher Erith Road, Torquay, Devon, England (can't locate house).

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1901-? - Inglewood, Totnes Road, Newton Abbot, Devon, England (how did I locate this house? read here).

1911 - 26, Abbey Road, Torquay, Devon, England (boarding - can't locate house).

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1911 census - YMCA worker.

Dora wrote one book, a religious novel called, Druggers All.

Family Relationships.

Guy Enock.

'I pray God to bless and reward him for all he has done for and been to me since my childhood to the present day.' - Excerpt from Dora's will.


'Obviously I was younger, and I remember them so well, as being such totally different characters. Aunt Dora, rather formal, and aunt Christine, the youngest of the three sisters, not formal at all, and very much she was sort of kept at home as a girl, but I do remember them, Iím so glad I do.' - Joan Enock


Gross: £266. 3s. 9d (worth about £5,500 in 2016).
£234. 17s. 9d. (worth about £5,000 in 2016).
Executors: Henry and May Pinhey, 169, Chapel Street, Tiverton, Devon, England.

'I do not wish mourning to be worn or flowers other than garden or wild ones to be sent and gifts in lieu thereof to be sent to The British and Foreign Bible Society. I wish to be buried in Tiverton and I hope that my dear Minister The Reverend R. D. Browne will lay me to rest'.

Dora gave the following gifts:

Arthur Guy Enock - oak medicine chest and Scotch bible. 

John Kemp Enock - picture of Christine Lavinia Enock by Lavinia Georgina Enock, and a photo of Coombeside garden and the picture of boats.

Olive Enock - bevelled looking glass framed in fumed oak.

Derek Enock - Gladioli painting by Christine Lavinia Enock.

Joan Enock - pair of flower drawings by Emma Enock.

Joseph Guy Enock -  little bible and little folding bookshelves.

Reverend Robert David Browne - Corna Typewriter, gardening tools, three books, the tall cupboard which contains manuscripts.

Mrs Reverend David Browne - Indian brass vase and walking stick.

Reverend and Mrs Browne - oil painting of Dartmoor near Bovey Tracey by Arthur Henry Enock.

John and Ada Bray - picture cupboard.

Mrs Pinhey - folding table and Irish tablecloth.

Mr Pinhey - four sketches 1) Mill Bay Kingswear round the coast from our garden 2) Wolborough Church 3) Malvern Hills from our garden 4) our house in Newton Abbot.

Mrs Margery Jones - imitation cut glass vase and fruit dish with flowers around the border.

Mrs Gasson - brass Indian vase (bowl one).

Margaret and Mary Shapland - brown teapot.

'I devise and bequeath all the residue of my estate unto my Trustees Upon Trust to sell call in and convert the same into money and pay the proceeds of such sale calling in and conversion unto my sister Christine Lavinia Enock or should she predecease me then to my brother John Kemp Enock or failing him to my nephew Derek Enock'.


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