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Arthur "Graham" Graham Enock (1898-1985).

 Graham at his brother's wedding - Tuesday 11th November 1952 (click to enlarge).

Date of birth: Saturday, 9th April, 1898.[1+2]
Birthplace: Willesden, London, England.[2]
Date of death: Wednesday, 3rd April, 1985 (aged 86 years).[3]
Place of death:
Dereham, Norfolk, England.[3]

Will: Gross value amounts to £61,789.[3] (around 170k as of 2016), net value amounts to £60,394.[4]
Executors: Denis Charles Hutchinson (solicitor) and Barabara Helen Enock (wife).

Father: Arthur Guy Enock (1870-1956).
Jane Whittingham Enock (nee Graham) (1869-1949).
Siblings: Joseph Guy Enock (1902-1983).

1st wife: Constance Slade Keeves (1899-1954).[5]
Date of marriage: Saturday 4th June 1921. Marriage ended c1946.[5]
Place of marriage: Stoke Newington, London, England.[5]

Connie in the 1940s (click to enlarge).[13]

Children: Josephine G Bell (was Lubelski) (nee Enock) (1922-2016), Rosalind G De Rivaz (nee Enock) (1923-2016), Gwendoline Thomas (was Hall) (nee Enock) (1925-), Valerie G Jones (nee Enock) (1928-2013).

2nd wife: Barbara H Reader (1920-1993).[5]
Date of marriage: 1947.[5]
Place of marriage: Hampstead, London, England.[5]

Barbara at Joe's wedding - Tuesday 11th November 1952 (click to enlarge).[12]

Children: Anthony Guy Graham Enock (1948-), Arabella Jane Graham Enock (1955-).


1898-1911 - 20 Church Road, Willesden, London.[6]

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1911-1915 - 21 Queen Elizabeths Walk, Stoke Newington, London.[6]

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1918-1920 - 12 Heathland Road, Stoke Newington, London. House demolished late 1950s/early 1960s, now apartments.[6]

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1922-1923 - 3, Chardmore Road, Stamford Hill, London (demolished between 1977-1980, now Jubilee Primary School playground).[6]

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1925-1935 - 1 (Hurstmonceux), Coniston Road in Wood Green, London.[6]

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1935-1945 - Fairways, Grove Road, Totteridge, London.[6]

1946-1949 - 48, Belsize Court, Hampstead Green, London.[6]

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1950-1957 - The White House, Sparrows Herne, Bushey, Hertfordshire, England.[6]

1958-1972 - 25, Camlet Way, Enfield, London.[6]

1972-1983 - Scarning Hall (Old Rectory), Scarning, Wendling, Norfolk, England.[6]


Thursday, 14th January, 1909 - Tuesday, 30th July, 1912 - Ackworth School, Pontefract Road, Ackworth, Pontefract, England.[7]

Admit number: 12053.[7]
Agents: George Bennington and M. A. Harrison.[7]

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Arthur G. Enock Co Ltd, Thane Works, Seven Sisters Road, Holloway, London, England.

Refrigerating Engineer.

1925-1970 - Graham Enock Manufacturing Co. Limited, Thetford, Norfolk, England.

The company was based in Thetford, Norfolk, where washing and filling plants and mechanical handling systems were manufactured. Acquired by Dawson and Barfos.[8]

Baker Perkins acquired a 28.5% holding in this dairy machinery company in 1933. The company had its headquarters in Stamford Hill, London and a factory at Thetford, Norfolk, where washing and filling plants and mechanical handling systems were manufactured.[9]

Graham filed a number of patents which can be seen here.

Great War.

Corps: British Red Cross Society & Order of St. John.[10]
Theatre of war: France.[10]
Medals: Victory, British and Star.[10]

Other information.

Arthur had dark hair, green eyes and was 5ft 81/2 inch.[11]

A letter dated 1988 between Marjory and Margaret Collie (Margaret was Graham's 2nd cousin, 1x removed) gives an insight to Graham's later life:[12]

'A few weeks ago we had a visit from Arabella Enock – Graham’s daughter by his second wife. She seemed quite nice and was extremely interested to hear anything I could tell her about her father. Arabella said Graham never spoke of his early life and she had never seen her grand parents Guy & Janie, or heard much about them. It seemed so sad.'


 Graham (on the right) and Joe - London, June 1903.[12]

 Graham - 1901.[12]

 Graham, Connie and girls - Woolacombe, Devon - 1940s (click to enlarge).[13]

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Page updated 21st November  2016.


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