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Robert Enock (1777-1817).

Date of birth: Monday, 2nd June, 1777.[1]
Birthplace: Warwick, Warwickshire, England.[1]
Date of death: Friday, 28th March, 1817.[2]
Place of death:
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England (aged 40 years).[2]

Father: Joseph Enock (1739-1785).[1+3]
Betty Enock (nee Woodman) (1735-1806).[1+3]
Siblings: Mary Enock (1770-?), Arthur Peters Enock (1772-1808), Joseph Enock (1774-1862).

Wife: Sarah Enock (nee Robinson) (1781-1853).[3]
Date of marriage: Wednesday 28th May 1806.[3]
Place of marriage: Quaker Meeting House, Birmingham, England.[3]

Robert and Sarah's marriage announcement.[4]

Children: Caroline Wheeler (nee Enock) (1807-1842), Sophia Kenway (nee Enock) (1808-1879), Sarah Enock (1810-?), Robert Enock (1811-1855), Arthur Enock (1813-1816), Mary Robinson Enock (1815-1840), Arthur Gregory Enock (1817-1838)


1806 Quaker marriage entry - Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.
1808 Sophia Enock birth entry - Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.
1810 newspaper article - Shropshire, England.
1811 Robert Enock birth entry - Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.
1815 Mary Robinson Enock birth entry - Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.
1817 Quaker death entry - Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.
1817 Arthur Gregory Enock birth entry - Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.


Wednesday 26th September 1787 - Tuesday 10th May 1791 - Ackworth School, Pontefract Road, Ackworth, Pontefract, England.[6]

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Admit number: 939.
Agent: Charles Lloyd.[6]

Admission: 8 guineas per annum [8.40 in today's money, measuringworth's calculator would say the relative value is 1,008.00.].[7]

Life at Ackworth.[7]

'The dress of the boys in early times was a long-tailed coat, leather breeches, and buckled shoes.'

Robert remained at Ackworth for the full duration of his education, meaning he had no contact with his family for four-years. 

Scholars studied during the day, and undertook some manual work out-of-hours.

The curriculum between 1787-1791 consisted of:

  • English Language.
  • Reading.
  • Writing.
  • Spelling.
  • English Grammar (upper classes).
  • Arithmetic.

Manual work included: 

  • Waiting the table.
  • Cleaning knives.
  • Helping in the bakery and the dairy.
  • Working in the garden or on the farm.

An essential feature to education at Ackworth was meeting for worship. A small part of every day was devoted to silent and serious thoughtfulness.

Staff at Ackworth during Robert's schooling:[8]

John Hill (until 1790), Thomas Hodgkin (1790-1791), John Hipsley.
Masters: Joseph Donbavand (Master of Penmanship), Thomas Hodgkin, Thomas Binns, John Hodgkin (Writing Master), David Dent (Assistant), Joseph Johnson (Assistant in Writing), John Whittaker (Reading Master), Isaac Taylor (Assistant in Writing School), Thomas Taylor (Writing Master).
Housekeeper: Mercy Wright.
Boys' Matron: Ruth Bramley, Jane Parke.
Nurse: Hannah Reay.
Principal Tailor: Leonard West.
Principal Shoemaker: William Hodgetts, John Grimshaw.
Baker: John Sergeant.
Husbandman (Farmer): Samuel Goodwin, Isaac Dobson.
Principal Gardener: Matthew Dawnie.

Relatives who attended Ackworth in the past:[9]

Arthur Peters Enock (brother).
Joseph Enock (brother).

Additional information on Ackworth School can be found here.


Robert left Ackworth and was taken to Sheffield by Thomas Hodgkin, to undertake an apprenticeship in Grocery.

1806 Quaker marriage entry - Grocer
1808 Sophia Enock birth entry - Grocer
12th June, 1810, Salopian Journal article - Grocer - Shrewsbury
1811 Robert Enock birth entry - Grocer
17th March & 21st April, 1813, Salopian Journal article - Grocer - Shrewsbury
1815 Mary Robinson Enock birth entry - Draper
1817 Quaker death entry - Mercantile Traveller
1817 Arthur Gregory Enock birth entry - Draper

Salopian Journal.[10]

There are a number of articles about Robert in the 'Salopian Journal', Shropshire's local newspaper.

Wednesday, 12th June, 1810.[10]

ROBERT ENOCK, GROCER, DEALER IN TEAS AND BRITISH WINES. TRULY grateful to his Friends and the Public for the liberal encouragement he has met with since his commencement in business, begs leave to offer to their Notice his BRITISH WINES, of which he has just received a supply of most excellent quality; and he trusts to show such to those who may favour him with a call as will meet their approbation.

Wednesday, 17th March, 1813.[10]


WHEREAS ROBERT ENOCK, of Shrewsbury, in the county of Salop, Grocer, hath by indenture bearing Date the 22d Day of February, 1813, assigned the Whole of his Estate and Effects unto JOSEPH REYNOLDS, of Ketley, in the county of Salop, Esquire, ANDREW JONES, of Shrewsbury aforesaid, MERCER, and DAVID MORGAN, of the same place, Grocer and Chandler, three of his principle Creditors, IN TRUST for the Benefit of themselves and all the other Creditors of the said Robert Enock, who shall execute the said Deed : NOTICE is therefore hereby given, that the said Deed of Assignment is deposited, and will remain in the Hands of the said Andrew Jones, until the 1st Day of May next, for the Execution of such of the said Creditors as shall chuse to take the Benefit thereof : and that all the said Creditors who have not then executed the said Deed will be excluded therefrom. All Persons to whom the said Robert Enock stands indebted, are requested to send an Account of their Demands to the said Andrew Jones, or David Morgan ; and all Persons indebted to him are desired to pay their respective Debts to them, without Delay.

Shrewsbury, March 16th, 1813.

Wednesday, 21st April, 1813.[10]

First Article.


BEGS Leave to inform his Friends, those of Mr. Enock, and the Public in general, that he has taken to the Stock in Trade of Mr. R. Enock, opposite the Talbot Inn, and respectfully solicits a Share of their Favours, which he will endeavour to merit by a careful Attention and Punctuality in the Execution of their Orders.

Second Article.[10]




On the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 22d and 23d of April, 1813, bv Direction ef the Assignees : 

THE Whole of the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LINEN, PLATE, GLASS, CHINA, Kitchen Requisites, Brewing Vessels, and other Effects, of Mr. ROBERT ENOCK, Grocer, opposite the TALBOT INN, Shrewsbury ; the Whole of which are of superior Quality; the Feather Beds particularly excellent; the Linen home made, and in the best Condition. 

Particulars in Catalogues, to be distributed, and had of THE AUCTIONEER.

Grocer, opposite the TALBOT INN

Robert's shop was located opposite the TALBOT INN, in Shrewsbury, but where was the TALBOT INN?

There are a number of clues in Thomas J. Howell's book; The Stranger in Shrewsbury: Or a Historical and Descriptive View of Shrewsbury and Its Environs, written in 1816.[11]


Excerpt from The Stranger in Shrewsbury by Thomas J. Howell.

Excerpt from The Stranger in Shrewsbury by Thomas J. Howell.

Thomas is making his way from the Town Hall (known as Shire Hall, demolished in the late 1960's), down The Square to Market Street to the Theatre on St. John's Street (now known as St. John's Hill). The Inn is located between The Square and Swan Hill which would be on the left as stated. Note, Shoplatch is the road at the end of Market Street.

1882 Ordnance Survey of Shrewsbury showing landmarks detailed in 'The Stranger in Shrewsbury' by Thomas J. Howell (click to enlarge).[12]

Today, there is a building in the area named 'Talbot House'. A quick search of its history reveals that it was built on the site of a late 18th century house, formerly the Talbot Inn, which was burnt down on the 12th February, 1985. More information on the Inn can be found here:


Market Street photographed on the 30th May, 2016. Robert's shop was said to be opposite the Talbot Inn (now Talbot House; right hand side of the photo, on the corner). This suggests that Robert's shop was located in either number 4 or 5 (now occupied by Boots). The houses are original, and were constructed between 1750-1799 (click to enlarge).[14]

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Thomas Robinson Will.

Robert's father-in-law's (Thomas Robinson), will is mentioned in the 'Reports of Cases Adjudged in the High Court of Chancery, Volume 3', pages can be seen here or by clicking the image below. The article discusses whether Arthur Enock (1813-1816) and Arthur Gregory Enock (1817-1838), though deceased, should be awarded money from said will. 

Thomas Robinson's will (click to enlarge).[13]

Charles Hulbert.

Robert was an acquaintance of Charles Hulbert, founder of the Shrewsbury Chronicle. 

Robert mentioned in 'Memoirs of Seventy Years of an Eventful Life' by Charles Hulbert.[11]

Do you have any more information on Robert? Please contact me at adam.c.enock@gmail.com.


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