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William Enock (1742-1827).

Date of birth: Thursday, 29th July, 1742.
Birthplace: Radway, Warwickshire, England.
Date of death: Wednesday 14th February, 1827 (aged 84 years).
Place of death:
Radway, Warwickshire, England  
Place of burial:
Friends burial ground in Radway (now Oriel Cottage).

Father: John Enock (1702-1790).
Alice Enock (nee ?) (1703-1776).
Siblings: Mary Palmer (nee Enock) (1730-1807), Hannah Summerfield (nee Enock) (1732-1826), John Enock (1734-?), Esther Reynolds (nee Enock) (1736-1803), Joseph Enock (1739-1785), Ann Enock (1747-), Martha Mealing (nee Enock) (1749-1793).

Wife: Susannah Enock (nee Norton) (1738-1813). 
Date of marriage: 1766.
Place of marriage: Banbury, Oxfordshire, England.

John Enock (1767-1841), Alice Enock (1769-1769), Rhoda Enock (1769-1769), Rhoda Enock (1770-), Alice Enock (1773-1851), Susannah Enock (1775-), Hannah Enock (1778-), Rebekah Enock (1780-).


1742 - Radway, Warwickshire, England.
1766 Quaker marriage entry -
Radway, Warwickshire, England.
1827 Quaker death entry - Radway, Warwickshire, England.


John Enock's 1792 Quaker marriage entry - Linen Weaver.
1827 Quaker death entry - Linen Weaver.

Life in Radway.

An enclosure map of Radway, created by George Salmon in 1756, shows a section of land under ownership of a family called 'Ennock'. This is the sole mention of the name on the map, so this could very well be where John was living at the time.

The enclosure map of Radway, created by George Salmon in 1756.

Left: the enclosure map of Radway from 1756
Right: Radway pictured in 2014.

'Ennock Cottage' pictured from Langdon Lane in 2013. The entrance to 'Hemp Close' is in the middle of the picture, to the left of the cottage..  

'Ennock Cottage' pictured from Langdon Lane in 2013. The entrance to 'Hemp Close' would've been to the far left. 

The Enock's were devout Quakers, and one member of the family, a William Enock, helped to fund the building of a meeting house within the village in 1702. 

Meetings was held here until 1850, and since 1985, has been known as "Oriel Cottage". 

According to the Listed British Buildings website, the cottage has a burial ground to the rear. 

It is pretty certain that that many Enock's had their births, marriages and deaths registered here, and many graves in the back garden!

'Oriel Cottage' pictured from The Green in 2013. 


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