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Esther Reynolds (nee Enock) (1736-1803).

Esther was born to John and Alice Enock on the 27th August 1736 in Radway, Warwickshire in England.

An enclosure map of Radway, undertaken in 1756 by George Salmon, includes detail of where a family called 'Ennock' lived. The map does cover a large area and this is the only mention of Enock's. Is this where Esther grew up?

Ennock Cottage, Radway. View Larger Map

Ennock Cottage, click to enlarge.

On the 4th April 1766, Esther married John Reynolds (born Warwick, Woolcomber) in a Friends Meeting House in Radway, Warwickshire, England.

This must be 'Oriel Cottage', the old Meeting house that was built in 1702.  

The old Meeting House, Radway. View Larger Map


The couple had 3 children, Ann, Esther and Samuel.

On the 10th December 1803, Esther passed away in Dudley, aged 66 years. She is buried at the Friends Burying-Ground in Dudley.

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