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Enid Guadalupe Enock (1902-1989).

Date of birth: Friday 21st February, 1902.
Birthplace: Newton Abbot, Devon, England.
Date of death: Sunday, 19th February, 1989.
Cause of death: Carcinomas of ovary (cancer).
Place of death:
Petworth, Sussex, England (aged 86 years).
Not exceeding £70,000 - Personal representative of intestate granted to: Consuelo Lavinia Enock.

Father: Charles Reginald Enock (1868-1970).
Concha Enock (nee Lavin) (1885-1984).
Siblings: Consuelo Lavinia Enock (1907-2004).


Death certificate: Leader (Girls' Friendly Society).


c1902-c1910 - Inglewood, Totnes Road, Newton Abbot, Devon. 

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c1911-1914 - Valley Croft, Kewferry Road, Northwood, London, England

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November 1914-1916 - Wylde Green Cottage, Froxfield, Hants, England.

1916-? - Oak Tree Cottage, Froxfield, Hants, England.


1938-1945 - Hurtmore Gap, Hurtmore Road, Hurtmore, Godalming, Surrey, England.

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?-1989 - Valley Croft, Halfway Bridge, Petworth, Sussex, England.

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1. Photo provided by Catriona Wesselhöft (held by Adam Enock). Thanks to Jonathan Barkwith (friend of the Enock family) for putting names to faces.