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Consuelo "Consie" Lavinia Enock (1907-2004).

Date of birth: Monday, 11th November, 1907.
Birthplace: Uxbridge, London, England.
Date of death: 2004.
Place of death:
Rotherbank Care Home, Rotherbank Farm Lane, Liss, Hampshire, England (aged 96 years).


Effects: Gross: does not exceed £240,000. Net: does not exceed £86,000.
Executor: Howard Michael Jennings and Ella Barkwith.

'I give the sum of £200 free of all taxes to the Parochial Church Council for Froxfield Church near Petersfield, Hampshire'.

Charles Reginald Enock (1868-1970).
Concha Enock (nee Lavin) (1885-1984).
Siblings: Enid Guadalupe Enock (1902-1989).


1907-1914 - Valley Croft, Northwood, London. 


November 1914-1916 - Wylde Green Cottage, Froxfield, Hants, England.

1916-? - Oak Tree Cottage, Froxfield, Hants, England.


2000-2004 - Rotherbank Care Home, Rotherbank Farm Lane, Liss, Hampshire, England.

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'They were a little unworldly although Consuelo was the dominant member of the trio, she drove, she was the only one who had ever worked (as a secretary) but had come home to help look after mummy. Their whole lives seemed to be devoted to helping their mother live to be 100, but unfortunately she died aged 99.' - Jonathan Barkwith (family friend).

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1. Photo provided by Catriona Wesselhöft (held by Adam Enock). Thanks to Jonathan Barkwith (friend of the Enock family) for putting names to faces.