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George Fardon Kenway (1845-1870).

Date of birth: 1845.
Birthplace: Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
Date of death: Tuesday, 1st November, 1870 (aged 25 years).
Cause of death: ?
Place of death:
Boston, Massachusetts, America.
Buried: ?

Father: Peter Kenway.
Sophia Kenway (nee Enock) (1808-1879).
Siblings: Theodore Robinson Kenway (1834-1880), Peter Seymour Kenway (1838-?), Emily Kenway (1840-1926).

Wife: Lucy M Kenway (nee Jones) (1851-?).
Date of marriage: Wednesday, 11th November, 1868.
Place of marriage:
Boston, Massachusetts, America.

Children: ?


1851 - Vicarage Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.

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1868 marriage record - Boston, Massachusetts, America.

1870 death record - Boston, Massachusetts, America.


1868 marriage record - Actor.


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