James Lewis Enock (1804-?).

Date of birth: Thursday, 20th December, 1804.
Birthplace: Wellington, Shropshire, England.
Date of death: ?
Place of death: America.

Father: Arthur Peters Enock (1772-1808).

Mother: Elizabeth Enock (nee Havard) (?-1808).


Jane Enock (1806-1832)

Arthur Enock (1808-1809)

Wife: Unknown.

Children: one known (illegitimate).

1804 (Quaker birth entry) - Wellington, Shropshire, England.
1806 (Jane Enock Quaker birth entry) - Brecon, Wales
1808 (Arthur Peters Enock Quaker death entry) - Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.
1831-1832 (Certificates of Removal Philadelphia) - Near Evesham, Worcestershire, England.
1834- (Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Northern District) - Philadelphia, America.

Monday, 2nd May, 1814 - Friday, 31st July, 1818 -  Ackworth School, Pontefract Road, Ackworth, Pontefract, England.

Admit number: 3586.
Agent: Joseph Reynolds.

'Application having been made that James Lewis Enock, an orphan boy at Shrewsbury, who is only 8 1/2 years of age, be put on the list for admission. This committee, after considering all the circumstances of the case, deems it a special one, and requests that he now entered to take his turn, if the sub-committee in London do not disapprove'. - Ackworth School committee minutes in 1813. Admission: 10 guineas per annum [10.50 in today's money, measuringworth's calculator would say the relative value is 921.30.].

Life at Ackworth.

'The dress of the boys in early times was a long-tailed coat, leather breeches, and buckled shoes.' James remained at Ackworth for the full duration of his education, meaning he had no contact with his family for four-years. Scholars studied during the day and and undertook some manual work out-of-hours. The curriculum between 1814-1818 consisted of:

Manual work included:  An essential feature to education at Ackworth was meeting for worship. A small part of every day was devoted to silent and serious thoughtfulness.

Staff at Ackworth during James' schooling:

Robert Whitaker.
Masters: Joseph Donbavand (Master of Penmanship - Caligraphist), John Donbavand (Grammar Master), John Gott (Writing Master), Thomas Beavington.
Housekeeper: Hannah Whitaker.
Boys' Matron: Elizabeth Preston.
Nurse: Mary Dumbledon.
Principal Tailor: Leonard West.
Principal Shoemaker: Samuel Whalley.
Baker: Isaac Wormall.
Husbandman (Farmer): Robert Graham.
Principal Gardener: Matthew Dawnie.

Relatives who attended Ackworth in the past:

Arthur Peters Enock (father).
Joseph Enock (uncle).
Robert Enock (uncle).

Additional information on Ackworth School can be found here.

In 1843, the various monthly meetings were asked to conduct a survey of the fortunes of Ackworth old boys, who had been at the school between 1799 and 1843. James' survey was as follows:

Ackworth number: 3586
Name: James Lewis Enock
From what place sent: Late of Shrewsbury
Time of leaving Ackworth: 1818
Is he now living; if deceased, in what year or about? Yes deceased
To what trade was the boy apprenticed: Upholsterer
What trade did the man follow when a man: Upholsterer
Has he married: Yes
Has he entered into business on his own account, or remained an assistant to others: On his own account
Has he failed in business or become dependent on his friends: Not known
Is he now in membership with the Society of Friends: Uncertain
If disowned, state whether for immoral conduct, failure in business or marriage contrary to rule: Is disowned, it was for marrying and a misconduct. Died a member
Has he emigrated and if so, to what country: Emigrated to America where he ?married?

The following information has been extracted from the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia (U.S. Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 - available via ancestry.com).

13th January 1831.

To the South District monthly meeting of Friends of Philadelphia, North America.

Dear Friends

James Lewis Enock a member of this meeting, having removed into the ? of yours, and upon inquiry made relative to his conduct, and respecting debts, nothing appearing to prevent the giving of a certificate on his behalf, we accordingly recommend him to your Christian call, informing you also that he appears to be clear of any marriage engagement, and that he has received relief from this meeting within the last year.

We remain with love.

Your friends

26th April 1831.

At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Northern District held 4th month 26th 1831.

Certificates were read and accepted as follows, by for James Lewis Enoch from Worcestershire Monthly Meeting held at Evesham (Great Britain) addressed to the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia for the Northern District and by that meeting forwarded to this with their minute informing that his residence was within our limits, one from Frankford for Jesse North a minor and one from Philadelphia for Thomas Thorn to visit them ? Alsop and Geo. M. Elkinton were appointed.

26th June 1832.

To the monthly meeting of Friends of Philadelphia.

Application has been made for our certificate on behalf of James L. Enock, who was removed to reside within the limits of your meeting.

Our enquiry relative to his outward affairs, no obstruction appearing, we recommend him, as a member of our Religious Society to your Christian care & oversight and are your friends.

26th July 1832.

At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia held the 26th of the seventh month 1832.

A certificate from the Northern District, recommending James L. Enock was read and accepted.

27th November 1832.

At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia held the 11th month, 27, 1834.

And that James L. Enoch has been charged with being the father of an illegitimate child, which charge he does not deny, to treat with him Thomas P. Cope and Philip Garrett are appointed.

25th December 1834.

At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia held the 12th month, 25th, 1834.

On considering the case of James L. Enoch, and the committee reporting, that they have had an opportunity with him, and the he does not appear qualified to condemn his conduct. The meeting directs the committee to prepare an essay of a testimony of disownment against him.

29th January 1835.

At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia held 1st month, 29th, 1835.

The following testimony was read and agreed upon, and the committee continued to furnish the party a copy, and to inform him of his right to appeal. James L. Enock, a member of this meeting, having been charged with being the father of an illegitimate child, which charge he does not deny, has been treated with thereon, but not appearing qualified to condemn his conduct; we testify, that we no longer consider him as retaining a right of membership in the religious society of friends, nevertheless desire, that by attention to the convictions of truth , in his own ?, he may become qualified to be rightly restored.

26th February 1835.

At a Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia held 2nd month, 26th, 1835.

The committee in the case of James L. Enoch, report having furnished him a copy of the testimony issued against him, and he informed of his right to appeal.

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