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James Lewis Enock (1804-?).

Date of birth: Thursday, 20th December, 1804.
Birthplace: Wellington, Shropshire, England.
Date of death: ?
Place of death:

Father: Arthur Peters Enock (1772-1808).
Elizabeth Enock (nee Havard) (?-1808).
Siblings: Jane Enock (1806-1832), Arthur Enock (1808-1809).

Date of marriage: ?
Place of marriage: ?


1804 Quaker birth entry -  Wellington, Shropshire, England.
1806 Jane Enock Quaker birth entry -  Brecon, Wales
1808 Arthur Peters Enock Quaker death entry - Merthyr Tydfil,


Monday, 2nd May, 1814 - Friday, 31st July, 1818 -  Ackworth School, Pontefract Road, Ackworth, Pontefract, England.

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Admit number: 3586.
Agent: Joseph Reynolds.

'Application having been made that James Lewis Enock, an orphan boy at Shrewsbury, who is only 8 1/2 years of age, be put on the list for admission. This committee, after considering all the circumstances of the case, deems it a special one, and requests that he now entered to take his turn, if the sub-committee in London do not disapprove'. - Ackworth School committee minutes in 1813.

Admission: 10 guineas per annum [10.50 in today's money, measuringworth's calculator would say the relative value is 921.30.].

Life at Ackworth.

'The dress of the boys in early times was a long-tailed coat, leather breeches, and buckled shoes.'

James remained at Ackworth for the full duration of his education, meaning he had no contact with his family for four-years.

Scholars studied during the day and and undertook some manual work out-of-hours.

The curriculum between 1814-1818 consisted of:

  • Religious study (a chapter from the bible was read before breakfast).
  • English language.
  • Reading (the rules for punctuation, learning sounds of the vowels).
  • Writing.
  • Spelling.
  • English Grammar (in upper classes).
  • Arithmetic.
  • Geography (taught only to sixty of the upper boys - map instruction and the drilling of the rudiments of geography).

Manual work included: 

  • Waiting the table.
  • Cleaning shows and knives.
  • Helping in the bakery and the dairy.
  • Working in the garden or on the farm.

An essential feature to education at Ackworth was meeting for worship. A small part of every day was devoted to silent and serious thoughtfulness.

Staff at Ackworth during James' schooling:

Robert Whitaker.
Masters: Joseph Donbavand (Master of Penmanship - Caligraphist), John Donbavand (Grammar Master), John Gott (Writing Master), Thomas Beavington.
Housekeeper: Hannah Whitaker.
Boys' Matron: Elizabeth Preston.
Nurse: Mary Dumbledon.
Principal Tailor: Leonard West.
Principal Shoemaker: Samuel Whalley.
Baker: Isaac Wormall.
Husbandman (Farmer): Robert Graham.
Principal Gardener: Matthew Dawnie.

Relatives who attended Ackworth in the past:

Arthur Peters Enock (father).
Joseph Enock (uncle).
Robert Enock (uncle).

Additional information on Ackworth School can be found here.


1843 Ackworth Old Boy Survey - Upholsterer.

1843 Ackworth Old Boy Survey.

In 1843, the various monthly meetings were asked to conduct a survey of the fortunes of Ackworth old boys, who had been at the school between 1799 and 1843. James' survey was as follows:

Ackworth number: 3586
Name: James Lewis Enock
From what place sent: Late of Shrewsbury
Time of leaving Ackworth: 1818
Is he now living; if deceased, in what year or about? Yes deceased
To what trade was the boy apprenticed: Upholsterer
What trade did the man follow when a man: Upholsterer
Has he married: Yes
Has he entered into business on his own account, or remained an assistant to others: On his own account
Has he failed in business or become dependent on his friends: Not known
Is he now in membership with the Society of Friends: Uncertain
If disowned, state whether for immoral conduct, failure in business or marriage contrary to rule: Is disowned, it was for marrying and a misconduct. Died a member
Has he emigrated and if so, to what country: Emigrated to America where he ?married?

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