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Charlotte Kezia Fairweather (nee Halford) (1830-1921).

Ann was born to William and Mary Ann Halford (nee Patience) in London, England in 1830.

In 1841, Charlotte was living with her parents at Chapel County Place in Stoke Newington.

The 1851 census shows that Charlotte was visiting relatives (Halford's) in Llanwarne, Herefordshire. I assume that she was still living with her parents in Stoke Newington on Lordship Lane.

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The 1861 census shows that Charlotte was a working as a 'cook' and living at 36 Park Road East in Stoke Newington.

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In 1861, Charlotte married Henry Feargus Fairweather (Business Partner, 1841-1918, born in Whitechapel, London, passed away in the USA) in Islington, London, England. The couple had 4 children, Kezia, Celia, Henry and Charles.

In 1871, Charlotte and family were living at 4 Hinton Road in Lambeth.

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In 1891, Charlotte and family were living at 192 Norwood Road in Lambeth. Charlotte has her occupation listed as 'Music Seller'.

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In 1901, Charlotte was living with her sister, Mary on Church Street in Stroud, Gloucester. 

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In 1911, Charlotte was living with a Susannah Rivers at 21 Beaconsfield Avenue in Colchester. Her daughter Celia married a William Rivers, so Susannah was probably a relative.

In 1921, Charlotte passed away in Pancras, London aged 91 years.

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