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Sir Kenneth William Blackburne GCMG GBE OBE (1907-1980).

Kenneth photographed in April 1957 (click to enlarge).[4]

Date of birth: Thursday, 12th December, 1907.[1]
Birthplace: Bordon, Hampshire, England.[1]
Date of death: Sunday, 4th November, 1980 (aged 72 years).[1]
Place of death:
Douglas, Isle of Man.[1]
Place of burial:
Will: ?

Father: The Very Reverend Harry William Blackburne (1878-1963).
Haidee Frances Blackburne (nee Creagh) (1879-1958).
Siblings: Haidee Mary Dora Blackburne (1905-1905), Hugh Charles Blackburne (1912-1995).

Wife: Bridgette Senhouse Constant Blackburne (nee Wilson).[3]
Date of marriage: 1935.[3]
Place of marriage:

Children: Andrew Martin Blackburne (1944-1985), Jean Alice Blackburne.


1919-1920 - Verona, Farnham, Surrey, England. 

1941-1946 - Cratwicks, Steyning, Sussex, England.


Marlborugh College.[2]

Clare College, Cambridge, England.[2]

Received an honours degree in modern languages and geography.[2]


1946 UK Outward Passenger Lists - Civil Servant.
1946 UK Incoming Passenger Lists
- Government Official (Colonial Office).

Joined the British Colonial Service and began an administrative career, serving in a variety of posts in Britain’s colonies (see below), with interspersed periods of service in positions of increasing responsibility at the Colonial Office in London.[2]

1930-1935 - Nigeria
1935-1938 - Palestine
1941-1943 - The Gambia
1943-1947 - West Indies

In 1950–56 he served as governor of the Leeward Islands, and in 1957 he was transferred to govern the British colony of Jamaica, which was to be his final post before his retirement.[2]

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