Mary Dilworth Abbatt (1895-1974)


Full name: Mary Dilworth Abbatt.

Date of birth: Tuesday, 27th August, 1895.
Birthplace: Preston, Lancashire, England.
Date of death: Monday, 22nd April, 1974 (aged 78 years).
Place of death: Lancaster Moor Hospital, Lancaster, England.


Abbatt Family Grave

Will: Effects: £16,169 (worth £169k in 2020).



Dilworth Abbatt (1861-1942)
Dilworth Abbatt



1895-1901 - Tyne Hill Tower, Lower Bank Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, England.

1905-1911 - 'Braseside', 30 Higher Bank Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, England.

1934 - Flat 4, Stoneleigh, Grassendale Road, Grassendale, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

1940 - 2a, Prescot Drive, Fairfield, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.


1904-1906: Penketh School, Stocks Lane, Penketh, Cheshire, England.

1907-1908: Ackworth School, Pontefract Road, Ackworth, Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.

1914: The Mount School, Dalton Terrace, York, Yorkshire, England.

1914 School Report

Scripture: Fairy good
English composition: Fairy good
English Literature: Good
English History: Good: has worked well
English Geography: Good: has worked very steadily
French: Good. Much improved
English Geography: Good: has worked very steadily
Arithmetic: Good
Algebra: Good
Geometry: Good
Physiology: Good
English Geography: Good: has worked very steadily
Nature Study: Obseration good, reasoning not as good
Elocution: Work improving, voice lacks flexibility & strength. Practice necessary
Trainee Class: Shows interest & has a nice manner
Music: Very good
Class singing: Good
Gymnastics: Good
Accounts: Good

Out of school occupations:

Work in school societies: Fairyly good
Games: Very fair
Swimming: Very fair
Performance of offices: Spring (laboratory) good, summer (baths and changing room): very fair, head of bedroom 16: very fair
Neatness: Class rooms: Fairly good, bedroom: improved
Order: Talks too much
General Conduct: Very satisfactory

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