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Barton Dell Baker (1904-1956).

Date of birth: Saturday 11th June, 1904.
Birthplace: Hampstead, London, England.
Date of death:
Tuesday 30th October, 1956 (aged 52 years). 
Place of death:
The Westminster Hospital, Westminster, London, England.
Will: Effects £10,641 10s. 5d. Executors: Judith Baker (wife), Alan Ivor Baker (Company Chairman) and William Moncur Mitchell (Solicitor).

Father: Philip Barton Baker (1865-1916).
Amy Elizabeth Baker (nee Dell) (1870-?).
Siblings: Olive Elizabeth Braithwaite (was Gaskell) (nee Baker) (1902-1990).

Wife: Judith Emily Margaret Eileen Hamilton Baker (nee Moore) (1908-?).
Date of marriage: Monday 1st July, 1929.
Place of marriage: Edmonton, London. 

Children: Michael John Christopher Baker (1933-), Sarah Francis Elizabeth
McCracken (nee Baker) (1936-).


1911-? - 38 Platts Lane, Childs Hill, Hampstead Heath, London, England.

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1946-1956 - 312 Longthorpe, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England.


Cambridge University.


Barton was a Company Director at Baker Perkins (the company was set up by his grandfather Joseph Baker) and visited New York, America and Quebec, Canada.

Barton filed a number of patents which can be seen here.

'I suppose one of the outstanding men who worked hard on the Outdoor Engineers’ morale (as indeed he did on many other departments’) was BARTON BAKER, who died some years ago. He filled various positions – Manager of Outdoor – Manager of Technical Departments – Director – Member of Board of Management, and when he died was Chairman of that body. Barton was a good engineer and a very good administrator. He was responsible for the reconstruction of the Outdoor Department and Drawing Offices in the early thirties and was also the principal architect of Profit Sharing, Prosperity Bonus and the Pension Scheme. He worked hard and played hard. I speak of Barton with great affection – we were good friends, although in many things we differed widely in our opinions and quarrelled violently. We had, however, a common denominator – the welfare and advancement of Baker Perkins. Barton was a great Baker and sadly missed when he died.' “I KNEW THEM ALL” by Claude Dumbleton - Written in 1963. (Taken from the 'Baker Perkins Historical Society.'


Barton had a book published in 1950, entitled 'A board of management instead of a managing director.'


Height: 5ft 10 1/2 inches
Hair colour: fair.
Eye colour: blue.


Image taken from 'The Baker Perkins Gallery'.

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